Blender + CC

Sims 4 Studio common start

  • Studio » CAS ou wtv » Create 3D mesh » Choose + Next + Save » Texture» Export. Same for a mesh. Or meshes.
  • Don't forget that the mesh opened comes in three layers, two are visible with an hat and the other isn't


  • Rotate» Press mouse wheel and rotate mouse
  • Zoom in/out » Mouse wheel
  • Select Mesh » Right click / Respective layer
  • Select Mesh Part in edit mode » B + Left click or L + drag
  • Inverse Selection » Ctrl + I
  • Select All Mesh » A
  • Select Vertices? or mesh components » Tab
  • Select Vertices + L for related vertixes + P » separation menu
  • Delete Selected » Delete shortcut
  • Select S4Studio mesh into scenes » Shift + Left Click
  • Merge layers » Ctrl + J or Join under the Edit left window
  • Move Object » G
  • Add mesh » Shift A
  • Select all» A, em object mode
  • Unselect all » AA, object mode
  • Rotate » R or Transform window
  • Scale » S or Transform window
  • Duplicate » Shift + D
  • Show both sides visible » in the bottom bar, there is a cube icon that allows you to check or uncheck that option
  • See top, left, right, bottom... » Hover the model and click the number 

Sculpt Mode
Brush increase size 

Mirror objects

Import model and dance
  • Download CAT and Powpurri
  • For powpurri, only want inside filer
  • Import them under Edit » preferences » addons » install. Click zip
  • Download MMD: pmx model and vmd movements
  • Open powpurri addon » import model » build » convert materials for cycles » edge preview to look more 2d » select armature » import movement
  • Open misc addon » select shadeless » that way it works on solid mode » maybe uncheck toon texture
  • Scene properties in lateral menu » units scale to 0.02 » rigid body » maybe reduce substeps » bake » it's fixed, just play dance
  • to change expression, go to shape keys: select scene on sidebar, then click model, and its in the triangle on side properties saying object data properties
  • Export normally as FBX, armature and mesh, use Shift for multiple select. Keep checked Bake animation and, within, Key all bones, NLA Strips, All actions and Force keying.
  • To import unity, just drag the FBX into the assets. Recommended shader: Unity chan, URP (the one from sunny side). Process: import > shade > assign humanoid rig and check optimize game objects > apply changes to avatar. See Unity tutorials for that.
  • Rig can stay invisible just to see dance, but if we want proper collision, we have to fix it:
Addons » mesh » extra objects » create mesh vertex » extrude vertex with e and z » ctr a to select all » p to separate by loose parts » tool modifiers » add skin modifier + subdivision surface + mirror » check x axis and bisect » 

dystop marcado a nao ser pa dar remesh
n exagerar valor de remesh
ctrl inverte pincel, shift e smooth, f e shift f pa tamanho e força pincel

Do "paper hair"
  • Have the texture, a png img of a ponytail or something that would make sense having the same shape all around
  • Download template and scale texture to the section of hair, make sure it's not outside boundaries, but can be smaller. Can also add a scalp, from sims4 textures or other creators with permission. Save png without template visible. That's a texture.
  • Import texture in a model from the studio, don't worry with appearance
  • Export mesh and open in blender
  • Add Plane Mesh (shift + A), and rotate it to be parallel with the characters back, and scale to fit the width of the hair, and place it close to the back and scalp
  • Go to Object Mode
  • Go to the Texture icon/window on the right» New » Clouds » Image or Movie » down to Open » open your texture » down to Generated and change it to UV (it disappears)
  • Click on the paper icon under the window to paint a texture and select your texture » To make backside visible, go to Tools icon besides the texture and material window » Modifier » Solidify » Ticken to 0.0010
  • Back to texture on the left, resize outer window to include only our texture without the scalp, that will be projected on the plane
  • In Material window at the right, check transparency » Alpha to 0 (disappears)
  • Texture window » Check Alpha to on (appears)
  • Clone plane and rotate it all around (like two Xs of planes if visible from the top)
  • Position strand where you want it and as many times as you want it» Merge all of your custom layers
  • Go to Weight Paint Mode » Transfer Weight at the left
  • For each of the studio layers, press Tab to highlight » X + Delete Vertices
  • Triplicate your own mesh » Merge each of your meshes with each of studio meshes, make sure you merge under the studio meshes and not your own
  • For each final studio layer, go to Tools on the right » Modifier » Solidify » scale down to 0.0010
  • File » Save » Import in Studio for each Level of Detail » (optional) in texture, make shadow blank or import your own
  • Tools » Modding » Glass shader » Save with any name as a package file » Import package in your Mods folder
Other types of hair
  • Open mesh and such
  • Edit mode » Limit selection to Visible » A to deselect verticles
  • B + Left, drag to select area of verticles OR L + drag to select area, delete those we don't want to keep hair part we want to merge » Change it (check how it looks by clicking on the Rig layer) » (optional) Sculpt » Save it when happy
  • Back to the Studio » Cas » Create 3D Mesh » Get the hairstyle that is a scalp shaved only, and repeat steps to open in blender
  • On blender, File » Append » Select the hair you made previously to merge with the new mesh » Select Object » s4studio_mesh1 » Append from library » Sculpt or Edit to better blend » Merge under mesh_1 when happy » Save
  • To create the Scalp texture, open image editor » Open the texture of the scalp and the texture of the first mesh that we merged » Delete the part of the scalp of the first mesh texture » Resize textures to 2048 x 4096 for HQ mod » Copy scalp texture and merge it into the first mesh texture  » Fix colors, maybe make both black » Save final texture » Import texture in Studio
  • Add a swatch » Modify categories » Save package file » Import in Mods folder