Voltron fics

Nome - link - até onde li - até onde saiu [status]» temas
A maioria das fics é do ship Klance

Taking Chances - www - nada/35 [em construção]»
Sight for sore eyes - www - 3/3 [completa]» hipster, photographer lance and model keith
Sweet escape - www - ???/21 [em construção]» gay bar
Tick tock - www - ???/30 [em construção]» soulmates, actors and trans keith
Ghost of a king - www - nada/6 [complete]»
Gold dust - www - nada/16 [em construção]» how to train you dragon au
Love like you - www - nada/15 [completa]» shklance, assassin!keith
Pizza boy - www - nada/13 [em construção]» pizza, college, depression
Your claws in me - www - nada/12 [completa]» dark characters, mind control, angst (happy ending)
Crossroads - www - 25/25 [completa]» parallel universes, galra!keith
Miraculous - www - nada/9 [completa]» miraculous ladybug au
The voices of us - www - nada/4 [em construção]» youtubers au
Dirty laundry - www - 9/9 enormes caps [completa]» fake relationship, family, christmas
I bet you look good on the dancefloor - www - nada/7 [completa]» dance au
Shut up and dance with me - www - nada/11 [em construção]» dance au
What a healing pod can't repair - www - 12/12 [completa]» post ep 11, suffering, team bonding
On thin ice - www - 8/11 [em construção]» skating/hockey, anxiety, pining
Operation: time out - www - nada/8 [completa]» oblivious, team pressure, tension, dorks
Necessary - www - nada/10 [completa]» hurt/confort, original universe, ptsd
The dead end nation - www - nada/15 [hiatus]» cybernetics, government conspiracies
Watercast - www - 6/10 [em construção]» mermaids, avians, interspecies, captivity
Plunged - www - 1/1 [completa]» teaching how to swim
Homesick at space camp - www - nada/15 [completa]» fake marriage, enemies to friends to lovers
This love won't ever be convenient - www - nada/23 [completa]» college, anxiety, trans!keith
The lion's Den - www - 19/20 [hiatus]» coffee shop, trans!keith, nb!pidge, teenagers
Shades of purple - www - 1/1 [completa]» coming out, trans characters, bonding
In which Hunk notices... - www - nada/15 [completa]» buddies, noticing klance
Going home - www - nada/27 [em construção]» post ep 11, galra!keith
Phoenix bridge - www - 7/8 [hiatus]» angst and humor, lance fakes death, support
Metamorphosis - www - 7/11 [completa]» pining space gays, bonding
Every colour you see - www - nada/16 [hiatus]» art school, colourblind
I'm not a fish - www - nada/22 [completa]» lgbt themed, modern au, adoptive brothers
Drink up - www - 11/11 [hiatus]» space pining, drunken shinanigans, slow burn
Endlessly - www - 6/6 [hiatus]» polyamory, shklance, reincarnation, music band
Born asleep - www - nada/5 [em construção]» modern fantasy, reaper!lance
Love on the battlefield - www - 4/22 [completa]» demigods au
Stowaway - www - 9/9 [em construção]» roommates, modern au, genderfluid!keith, questioning gender
Warm hands - www - 1/1 [completa]» trans!lance, established relationship, menstruation, fluff
Of escorts and espionage - www - nada/11 [completa]» espionage, falling in love,
Rivals with benefits - www - 7/16 [completa]» pinning, fake dating, canon universe
My Prince - www - 3/10 [em construção]» parallel realities, altean prince lance, altean protector keith
Mindtrap - www - nada/6 [em construção]» dark!lance, lotor, klangst
Gate Keeper - www - nada/22 [em construção]» modern AU, celtic elements, author!lance
The arch project - www - nada/6 [em construção]» conspiracy, alien keith, ceo, memory loss