Nota: tinha pensado em criar a categoria "papel de género" para reunir os artigos sobre ser trans e sobre feminismo, mas foi mais fácil incluir trans em lgbt+. Mas que fique claro que identidade de género e orientação sexual não têm necessariamente nada a ver!

» concepts, experiences, history and intra-community politics: Glossaries: 1 2 3 4 5 6 | Siglas alternativas 1 2 3 | Questões controversas gerais 1 2 3Há héteros em lgbt+ + e não somente trans | The wider community | The LGBT+ community... doesn't exist | The differente between mogai, lgbt+, queer... are politics | About "Queer" and it's 3 meanings | Queer community | "Queer" is not totally bad: www www "Queer" as a slur is cyclical, not recent www Is not a slur when used as self-identification "it's a slur don't use it" was created by a TERF The queer movement rejects assimilation It's because is a slur that we reclaimed it | Explaining the "queer as in fuck you" | QUILTBAGMOGAI | GSRM and analysis on the communityWhat's QIA | A very complete guide | Another guide Vocabulary for conversatios in m/a-spec spaces ocabulary to understand the discourse | Labels | A note on labels | Why do we need labels?The prefixes don't mean anything | Flags | Bandeiras e tal... | Algumas micro-agressõesPalavras brasileiras que têm um significado diferente no mundo gay | Cross orientation | sewing circle | Opressões interligadasTeoria queer | Toda a heterossexualidade é compulsória? | Why are gay people even more biphobic thant straights? | Queer adults have to pick up which parts of them are realTradições e diversidade Stereotypes | We are not confused | How it is realizing | Tips for lgbt+ high schollers, from ppl who have been there | It's hard to find queer friends | Já fui contra a paradaGay-straight allianceWhen I'm non-binary and bisexual | You're still valid if you have phases or are confused | Ser lgbt+ não impede de ter filhos | Kink in the queer community and how kinkshaming compares to lgbtphobia | Cops and queers | Poem about queer history "the first pride was a riot" | Ser queer não cabe numa caixaBi-trans intersection and fun facts of the same article | Violência pública é discutida, mas não violência na famíliaLess than half of America youth are straight | Porque roupa unissex é importante? | To lgbt+ boys | Is it rude to nb people to date only femme presenting ppl? | A letter from your tumblr mom | I think about being gay all the time | Aos LGBT+ que se orgulham de não ser militantes | Cops force a lesbian to leave the bathroom after refusing to believe she's a woman | Thank you, ObamaPakistani Trans Activist Who Died After Being Shot Was Humiliated In The HospitalSociety made me think I was straight | It's not a choice | Fluidity | It's just all or nothing | Wondering | Safer sex to vulva-owners | Heterodissidentes e as normas de generoHaving same-sex parents | Same sex marriage | Here for the LGBT boys | To bi/lesbians who once identified as lesbians/bi | Not queer enough | Straight passing privilege? | Can everyone really be queer? | Cisheteropatriarchy and SGA discoursers | sga discoursers | Who discoursers think is a threat and who actually is | The gatekeeping in the lgbt+ community | The bigoted rethoric of the MOGAI community | Don't support us at the expense of our siblings |  Everyone else's oppression comes second | O dilema da passabilidade | This checklist is not valid |  Biphobic gay people | Lesbian-bi solidarity | How (some) lesbian talk bad about bi girlsPrejudice in the gay community | Queerphobia and same-sex marriage | gay people can be biphobic & bi people can be homophobic | "Cishets" are not tokeninzing the bi/trans experience <3 | Bisexuality in historyForms of bigotry | Radfems in real lifeShaming lgbt+ ppl | Dear well-meaning but misled cis monosexual ppl, don't redefine bisexuality | Pride events less exclusiveEntrar em movimentos sociais implica rever o próprio preconceito e privilégio | Straight only equals The Enemy in discourse | Making assumptions about the identities of everyone | Não é só a homofobia que é estrutural | Why the hell would it be homophobic accusing gays for the bi/acephobia they own? | TERF and acephobe rhetoric is actually the same + this again | mga women and nbs are not hurting lesbians"It's not about sex!" - was a battlecry | We are the shakers of history | Figuras históricas | Important queer models through history11 lésbicas que fizeram história e você não conhece20 of the most important historical queers | AIDS and queer history | Matelot | The true stonewalls story | Stonewall de Roland Emmerich: transfobia, racismo e branqueamentoSapphic women giving violets | On the pulse massacre: to straight people 1 2 what we can learn from the media coverage whitewashing the news blaming a religion when they stab as in the back and should be blaming an ideology | Gender and orientation through history infographic People coming out in response to Orlando shooting Voices heard after the Orlando shooting | Blurred genders in Japan | Taboo topics in India about sexuality and gender receive light | Espanha e a aceitação da comunidade LGBT | India declares freedom of sexual orientation a fundamental rightSouth dakota passed a law that allows discrimination in lgbt+ adoption | Australia still without equal marriage [ad #WeWill] | Rússia cria lei para proibir pessoas trans de ser  motorista | Why is Russia so homophobic?Taiwan on the verge of being the first Asian country to legalize marriage equality + 220 years ago they were dying | Rally for equal rights in Hong Kong PrideSeattle as the third city banning conversation therapy | LGBT rights in Asia | Jamaican lgbt rightsIn 28 states, it's legal to ban someone for being LGBT+ | UN calls for worldwide decriminalisation of homohpobia | Proposed bill would make teachers out their lgbt+ studentsSon of immigrants and openly gay elected to GeorgiaFirst open bi governor elector + Bisexual governor Kate Brown shuts down Opponent's ignorance | Malta: first country to ban gay therapy | Hong Kong still gives eletric shocks to change orientation | Nome social e conquistas trans no governo de BrasíliaManifesto da 20ª marcha de Lisboa | Lei trans de Portugal será a melhor do mundo (art de 2016) | Temas lgbt+ nas leis de 2017Queer Party at Pence's house | + no tópico da eleição de Trump (último) |
» allies + coming out: Being an ally isn't just about basic decency | Types of fake allies | How to support lgbtqia+ parents? | Será que ele é? | Stop the "i always knew" | How to react when someone comes out | Don't out people without their permission | "OMG ONE OF THEM act natural" | Coming out - don't be dismissive | You don't have to feel pressured to come out | Coming out is a progress | Coming out | Coming out in college is best | IMPORTANTE: The truth about coming out [comic] | Happy international coming out day [comic] | "Queer" is a coming out guide that everyone deserves | This journey should be yours | You're not "hiding" | Things my bro as said since i came out | Antes de chamar alguém de vitimista | What is coming out | Youtubers telling about coming out to parents by personal experienceWays to survive high school while in the closet | Pressão familiar para ser hétero | Crianças de géneros diferentes são um casal, do mesmo género nem têm idade para saber do que gostam, wtf??? | Stop telling kids they are too young to know they are queer | Don't demonize your teen's sexuality | Pais que dizem amar mas ficam com desgosto dos filhosPushing their sexuality onto their children | Parents overreacting | My daughter has become a militant feminist, help! | Talking about lgbt issues in the family | Talking about lgbt issues in the class | What to do in school if someone in your group does homophobic comments | Quiter homophobia is just as dangerous | 10 reasons why you should help fight biphobia if you're gay"I can't be ---phobic because ---" bullshit | Menosprezar o casamento gay é uma forma de homofobia | They can't get married cause you don't wanna talk to your child? | O poder da repressão dentro de uma cidade interior | Ignorant person | If they paint a "cause" they will try to "cure" us | What's so upseting in a same-sex couple kissing? | You should be thankful to don't need a str8 pride | "straight" pride | Heterophobic, wtf??? | Kids understand with ease | Reprodução não faz a heterossexualidade mais natural | "Eu não mostro a ninguém que sou hétero" | Palavras também matam | 1 ano depois do mês lgbt+ no cc, o que mudou? | De um mestre butanês: "Você não deveria ser tolerante, você devia respeitar" | We should educate educators about lgbt+ rights | things lgbt students are not learning in sex ed | Carta aos pais de um filho gay - aceitar é o primeiro passo | Como ajudar | Crítica ao manual de comunicação lgbt+ | Try not to be a dick |  A luta não é só sobre amor | + no ultimo tópico, sobre a eleição e vitória de trump | Espaços lgbt friendly: 1 2 3 4
» metaphors, art and jokes - Irony: "to be genderfluid you need to be water" | Ace umbrella with donuts | Whales | Ice cream | Swings | Happy heterosexual pride day! 2 3 | Game of chess | Doors | Driving signals | Gym teacher | Reverse discrimination (satyre) | Mythical creatures | Triforce |  Birds | Crystals | Barbecue | Snakes | Robots | GOLBAT | Lawful, neutral and chaotic labels | "Gaydar" | Dance | Galaxy flags | Coming out by "Poly in pictures" | "Império gay" virando meme | Merriam-Webster has become a hilarious ally |
» representation [bad/good/saying labels]: Lexa deserved better + A mobilização em torno de "the 100" + feitos em 2 meses + lgbt+ deserve better + 1 ano depois | Publicidade: Assexuais num anúncio!!! :) Mulheres indianas num casamento My husband is bringing me a drink Amor não tem idade Nike airing trans athlete Vídeo protagonizado por mulher trans Valentines day Deodorant's ad trans-themed When you attack a presumed trans person but miss the real one Australia still without equal marriage [ad #WeWill] | Pink money 1 2 3 4 |Jogos olímpicos 2016: A abertura que os presidentes detestam The first olympic marriage 47% dos atletas lgbt+ ganharam uma medalha no rio Atleta intersexo O que as olímpiadas da diversidade ensinaramQueer coding villainsSteven Universe and representation | Give Elsa a girlfriend 2 3 | GLAAD calls on disney | Anne Shriley is really bi in the booksHow the clickbait culture (or: media loads the anger) hurts lgbt+ ppl | Heteronormatividade | Queer books in 2015 | "Nobody wants to see ppl like you" | So you think it ocurred out of the blue? | HETERONORMATIVIDADE | Why we need queer escapist lit | LGBT+ characters and how we wanna see them in YA | Stop the "bury your gays" | Subtextual queerness | Stories that have lgbt characters | ABSURD ROMANCES and heteronormativity in TV | LGBT+ confirmed in not yaoi/yuri animes | Gay in media | O propósito de tantos rótulosRetratar uma sociedade onde o armário não existe | Imposed heteronormativity | Writing lgbt | Deniying it even in cartoons | Pan spiderman | In Supernatural, god is bisexual | Fanfiction | Trans actors should be cast in cisgender roles | Erasure in Grace and Frankie | OITNB refuses to use multisexual labels + and the problem continues | Bi characters list: 1 2 3 | OITNB gifsSome queer celebrities | Comics about being queer |Some queer celebrities | Comics about being queer |  Talking about the sexuality of actors | Queer representation is vitally important for children | So you want Poe to be str8? | Subtextual queerness without acknowledging the role of heteronormativity | How to convince me to see a series | Please avoid the love triangles | Books with each orientation/identity | How the "bury your gays" often forgets bisexuals | LGBTQA power in homestuck | Openly bi Apollo | 10 percent of all deaths on TV were of queer women | Bigotry | Fantasy worlds using labels | The erasure and the 100 | The 100: you need to care about all of us | Give me DIVERSE queer representation | It's okay to headcanon characters as being lgbt+ | They're looking for hope | a + bi shirt | Porquê que importa para crianças [comic] | Labels don't matter... do they? |  We've lost patience: bi ppl and mtv's | 15 YA celebrating bisexuality |  Fetichismo e invisibilização de pessoas bi nas séries | Invisibilidade bi na mídiaKorrasami is canon - by Bryan Konietzko | Comics that throw away binaries | Casais disney mesmo género | GLAAD: Anual study 1 2 3 + changes to support more identities | Gay romance novels are not queer romance novels | Símbolo da masculinidade apoiando lgbt+ | Labels help finding solidarity | Why are there so many labels??? *gays panicking* | Inclusion is about recognizing what already is | Miss America is a gay woman[art] I'm not your joke | What queer movies should be | Queer history whitewashed and erasing bisexuals and trans people | The A/B stands for ally xD | Kristen stewart is bi and explains it The "gay for you" trope | Look both ways - review | It's same-sex couple, not gay couple | Bisexuality in YA | TVs problem with the b word | When the character's bisexuality is negated by their relationship status | Bingo bad fujoshi | Rick Riordan e a diversidade 1 2 3| Harley Quinn and Ivy - bisexual and polyamorous: 1 2 3 | Batman introduces trans character | How Cursed Child hurt lgbt+ ppl 1 2 3 4 5 6 | Fujoshis são horríveis com personagens ace | O género de grell | Ensaio fotográfico com casais de mulheres em torno do mundo | O problema com o sufixo ismo | Dragon age: how dorian came to be building krem I want to like you, krem, but... Angry lesbians and white feminism | 10 merdas que gente hétero fala | Loki is bisexual? | Bi rep in 2016, by GLAAD | Bi characters don't require a damn content warning -.- 1 2 | Mulher maravilha é bi 1 2 3 | Famuous bi people are always called other thngs | How to write bi characters without stereotypes: 1 2 3 4 | 6 bi characters | Ways to support queer media | Mãe só há uma: fluidez de género e sexualidade | I wonder if this m/m protectors also protect lesbian porn and realize they are patronizingGirls, stop fetichising yaoi | Yaoi em South Park | Every heart a doorway | Radio silenceYes to book recs! | Aces merecem ser representados | Genderbending and its problems: 1 2 3 | books with lgbt+ jewish characters and happy endings | Porquê que a bissexualidade da nova mulher maravilha não é nada de especial? | Many slash shippers are not straight | Is Catwoman bi?LGBT + MASTERPOST | Quando a pessoa gosta da personagem "só" porque é lgbt+ | San-junipero, a história que não existe | Celebs were dating the same guy and fall for each other | I'm a proud queer woman who feels denied by other lgbt+ members | How can and should bi representation be better | Homens trans e cis (des)constroem masculinidades num clipe | China most popular hostess just happens to be trans | "Casos de família" dá show nojento de transfobia | Trolando a mãe: sou lésbica - horror story +  crítica | "Bathroom bill" inspires Norte Carolina rep to come out as bi | Queer representation in games: "heroes like us" project | Bisexuality in games palyed safe, or "player-sexual" | Pick your poison: gender binary in games | Não acatar a heteronormatividade é chamado de exagero ou desnecessário | Niska e Astrid em HumansHow i discovered my (a)sexuality while playing | Não apenas amigas, elas são lésbicas! | Supernatural's scariest monster, bi erasure | Erza Miller says HP helped to cope with homophobia | 12 podcasts you should be listening right now | 15 lgbt "humans of new work" stories | Personagens homens que gostam de homens não são necessariamente gays | Porque é lgbtfobico não gostar que se shippe personagens "hétero" com alguém do mesmo género | Ensaio fotográfico da primeira modelo trans paquistanense | Freddie Mercury, hiv and bisexuality | "Bros" | Representatividade em Steven Universe | Roberta close foi das primeiras referências trans | Censura em sailor moon reboot | American Horror Story and how to depict bisexuality | Nico Torturella wants to be a man of the future | Tired of heteroSEXIST ships | How Dragon Age is shaping a better future for lgbt+ ppl | The rise of queer games | "A normal lost phone" tries to explore trans identity and falls short | Kristen Stewart called herself "so gay" on SNL |
» trans (binário + não binário) - Conceitos não-bináriosHuge resources 2 3Gender flowchart | IMPORTANTE: Trans 101 | Trans identities list 1 2 3 | Gender alignments (modelo galático) 1 2 3 | Non-binary gender expressions list | Linguagem não-binária/neutra/neo 0 1 2 3 4 5  + NCL | Elementos | Binding: Tips, 101, Do's and Dont's, Summer tips, FYI tips, 4 ways to bind, Safety, Tips for all bodies | Primeira transexual a se formal na UEPG | The librarian gender masterpost | "I'm perfectly normal" | Troye Silva e diversidade de género | 13 coisas a pensar sobre transgénero | Transgender woman | Difference between transexual and transgender | Neutral pronouns | Changing names | Danish girl intentions were good | Raising a transgender child | Coming out as transgender | Transmysoginist IS mysoginist | Butch | Being perceived as a man | Navajo's four different genders | Being a queer femme | Ativismo e dissenso | Gender binary hurts us all | Normal transgender questions | Trans ppl don't owe you | Comentários a The danish girl | Common non-binary erasure | Myths about non-binary transition | Gender neutral school bathrooms | Unlearning the "trapped" narrative | "They" pronouns | Having trouble with pronouns? | Explanation about all the gender neutral pronouns | The difference between androgynus and transgender | Trans woman and gender roles | "Body positive" that excludes trans ppl | Normalizing trans | Trans actors playing cis characters | Trans health | 7 things to know | LGBT organizations give up trans ppl | "Boy meets girl" | Trans boys that face also other kinds of discrimination | Cromossomes, hormones and genitals matter. Biological sex doesn't | Stupid interviews | Laverne Cox goes nude | NON BINARY RESOURCES | Respecting pronouns is not being "politically" correct | Transgender timeline | Don't force anyone to come out | Male as neutral | Gender fluidity umbrella and specific definitions | Transphobia and suicidal rates | I'm gender non-conforming and I don't want to pass as cis | Learning to love their transness | Ser trans no sul da ásia | Transgéneros com mais de 50 anos | The bathroom issue didn't help non-binary ppl | Don't ask this to a pregnant transgender person | Women aren't the only people who can get pregnant AND IT MATTERS (lots of statistics)b | Without physical dysphoria | Dicionário brasileiro de géneros 2 | What is gender? | Solução: pulseiras para quem é género fluído | Figuring out your non-binary identity | transgender, transsexual, crossdresser and gender variant | Zero attacks in bathrooms | You don't need to "look" non-binary | Gender identity map | Things they don't owe you | What we are forgetting about the bathroom issue | Comebacks when someone is being transphobic | Unique problems non-binary ppl face | You're not scared of trans ppl, just criminals | Families transition, too | The possible reactions to pronouns | When did you first know | Just want privacy discrimination | "Given the opportunity I..." | Legal justice for trans women is a fucking joke | Fotos de adolescentes não-binários | Kidney infections | Let's try shifting the blame | Being misgendered causes social withdraw | Your "harmless opinion" is harmful | Being non-binary in female-spaces | Not seeing eye to eye | Non-binary at work | Adding the I can miss the point | The fear and the bathroom | Linguistic perspective on German pronouns | Oxford dictionary actualized | Clothes are (not) gendered | Elementary school gets rid of gendered bathrooms | If you misgender me, here's what to do [comic] | Guys, gals and non-binary pals | Unexpected support | Here to non-binary kids | Agender comic | Ppl will always critisize your pronouns | Gender euphoria | Genderflux VS Genderfluid | Aesthetic guide | Shoutout to nb who don't present in certain ways | AskTransFolks | Xe - the app | Stop being surprised by this | Maverique | What you say to nb VS Subtext | Trans stories beyond "born in the wrong body" | Pentagon ends transgender ban | Why I debated having my breasts augmented | There are twice as many trans ppl than we thought | Should I tell ppl I'm trans in college? | Gender as a social construct | "Choose your style" in Pokemon Go is inclusive | Coming out as trans/nb | Non.binary terminology | Há lésbicas trans sim | Transgender 101 | Histórias de casais trans que deram à luz | Linguagem não-binária evitando pronomes | Feministas radicais fazendo a cabeça a homens trans [comic] | Pessoas não-binárias também (podem ser) trans e fazem cis-playing | O que importa é o conteúdo, não a embalagem (literalmente) | Hijiras - pessoas não-binárias na índia | How to refer to a trans person past | How to be an ally to trans people | Jokes about gendering babies | Sobre acharem que mulheres trans são homens estupradores | 10 boas notícias para pessoas trans | "We don't care" |  Use the right pronouns ALWAYS, except when it can out the person | Nonbinary as umbrella and specific identity | "Materialidade de género" | I'm a woman, but i will always be my kids father | How many adults identify as trans? | Before and after the transition | What cis people say VS what it's implied | The bathroom predator myth | So tell me, which girl shouldn't be allowed in? Terfs caused the death of 50,000 trans people | Caution with your words! | What does the asterisk in trans* stand for 1 2 | Never ask a trans person | Narcisa Wright proves the gamer community isn't that inclusive | #RealLiveTransAdults | We have a word for nbphobia | "I don't understand the hatred against radical feminists" | Nem toda pessoa trans faz tratamento hormonal | Reasons to have cis man playing a trans woman 2 | Travesti é identidade | Kids accept trans people with ease | Transfobia também é... | Be mindful of language | Trans boys can like dresses | Beginners guide to pronouns | "Sentir-se" de um género | How non-binary identities show what society gets wrong about gender | Trans men explain how male privilege shows up | A falta de direitos das pessoas trans no brasil | Desmistifique o que acha sobre pessoas trans | Prioritization of cis AND binary ppl | A trans woman is, at most, a woman pretending to be a man | Give transgender talent a chance | Trans and non-binary resources | Homens trans que dão à luz | Homens com seios não têm de se esconder | Se você não é trans, você é cis | Adolescente trans se mata depois de enfermeiras insistirem em tratá-lo no feminino | É cissexista só ver uma mulher como parceira sexual enquanto tiver vagina | Dizer que homens trans são mais delicados é transfóbico | IMPORTANTE: pontos rápidos sobre destransicionar | O estereótipo de que nasceram no corpo errado | Stop the idea that trans men have it easier than trans women | Torturei minha garotinha durante anos | Things they don't tell you about being transgender | What is *gendered term* | Nb are not "real trans ppl" | Forced sterelization in europe | Pessoas trans não tem privilégio de género porque são socializadas de forma diferente | Um pedido a gente cis | O mito do arrependimento da transição | Qual é a diferente entre travesti e transexual | Studies that show nb gender exist | If trans women are female why say trans? | How having the wrong gender marker on your ID affects medical access | Being a TERF isn't "not being nice" | Misconceptions trans allies need to understand | Trans women are not drag queens | Nem todas as mulheres, cis ou trans, têm... | As mentiras acreditadas que pessoas cis inventam sobre pessoas trans | Doctors should learn how to talk to patients | Nome social em cartão de crédito | Transfobia por parte de aliados e assumir que é cis até prova em contrário | Trans people connecting with lawyers to put identificationin order before Trump | Nunca pensam na travesti como pessoa de bem | Pergunta ao dono do totó se é "ele" ou "ela", mas acha trabalhoso fazer o mesmo com pessoas trans | Namorar com pessoas trans também é demonizado | App: this bathroom is for people | "Gender" reveal party is about babies genitals | The white stripe in the trans flag is for nbs | Pessoas trans têm muitas mais dificuldades, e ainda têm de ser compreensivas com cis? | Usem a palavra cis | Boobs dont grow back | TocofobiaPregnancy dysphoria | Cisness on a spectrum | Transmasculine and pap tests | Vaginectomy for trans men | Gender connected to aromanticism | Is it transphobic to not date trans people? | The dance world isn't welcoming to enby artists | 100 ways to make the world better for enby people | Sports split by gender makes no sense | Posição da OMS 1 2 3 4 | Não-binariedade: orientações | Transfobia internalizada descontada por trans em trans | Existe ideologia de género? | Depoimento de pessoas trans e intersexo ao Parlamento | There's no such thing as a male body | Autodeterminação trans PortugalThe Dangerous Exclusivity Of Spaces For ‘Women’ Sexual Assault Survivors | How my sexuality changed after my husband became my wife | Building a trans/enby workplace | Guide to survive the holidays | The problem with the words androsexual/gynosexual | National Geographic: The gender issue | Black trans people in history | The cycle of shutting out trans actors | Comments that kept me from identifying as enby | Having more than 1 gender identity is valid | Pessoas trans não passariam por tudo isto só por fetichizar a feminilidade... | "I'm gender unbound" | Some kids are transgender | Miss Major is a Trans Elder | "Porque você se quer parecer um homem?" |
» intersexo - Não permita a mutilação genital em crianças intersexoIntersex youths want support | About intersex ppl |  "Normalization" surgery for intersex people | Things about being intersex | Affordable tips for intersex ppl | If you missed intersex awareness week | Bias against intersex athletes | Maria Patiño | Not even "male, female an intersex" is that complete | O futuro olímpico incerto de pessoas intersexo e trans | 1 em cada 2000 pessoas é intersexo + video2, faça o teste | Descobri aos 16 anos que nasci sem útero e vagina 2 | Dia de visibilidade intersexo | Some intersex people want (and deserve) a place in the lgbt+ community | Tão comum quanto ser ruivo | gender identities among intersex people | Intersex and periods |
» ace e aro - Espectro aAce masterpostSerá que sou Demissexual | It's not easy being Ace | Assexual, oi? | What it means to be asexual | What asexual people want you to know | Asexual spectrum | Ace aren't innocent | Gray sexuality | Gray-sexual | Supporting an asexual friend | Never assume asexuals have it easy | A for asexual, not for ally | Asexuality is not being celibate | "Not all ace ppl are queer", wtf? | Ace spectrum |  Comic explicativa | Problems of being asexual: 1 2 3 4 5 6 | Why I am asexual | Do you need a name for people who don't do things? | Dirty jokes | You know you're asexual when... 1 2 3 | Sexual attraction is not sexual interest | Why should I care? | Teach about asexuality, but not that alosexuals experience attraction always in the same way | Stoping gatekeepers/ ace discoursers / recycled biphobia: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 weaponizing pain as a gatekeeping method is vile cishet/bihet | Reasons to headcanon a characters as asexual | comics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 | Run when this ppl try to educate you | Ace ppl are divulging too much, wtf? | This is a myth, not a fun-fact | This ace/aros don't make the community look bad | Stereotypes of asexuality | Broken | Stop ofending acearo pplMore sexual attraction doesn't mean less romantic | I'm married and happy | more stigma | how you sound | Hypersexualizing other orientations? nope | Asexual awareness week | Biphobia and aphobia aren't misdirected homophobia | Aphobia is a real issueBiphobic and aphobic discourse | Depoimento | A is not for ally | Amatonormativity expectations | Rótulos não têm idade | Um ace num relacionamento com um não-ace está a cometer abuso? | Aces são egoístas? | "A perder a melhor coisa da vida", wtf? | Medo de alo: e se eu me apaixonar por alguém ace/aro? | Atrações emocionais | Asexuality infographic | How people reject ace spaces | Amatonormatividade | "É impossível ser feliz sozinhe" e as implicações dessa frase | Você não tem de esperar para usar uma label | Não se deixa de ser ace/aro por não se atender estereótipos | A assexualidade é egoísmo | Aces que são sex-positive (não confundir com sex-favorable) | Asexuais não são obrigados a fazer uma tese para você | Aromantic clarifications | General knowledge about aces | How ace erasure affects mental health | How to tell if you're asexual | How to survive as an aromantic | Giant list of ace and aro blogs | Non-asexuals trying to redefine asexuality | The argument "aces waste resources because they don't need them" makes no sense | The circular reasoning claiming aces face no oppression | Asexuality faces worse discrimination than any other orientation | I thought sexual attraction was exxageration | Interview to some asexuals | Let aros talk about their loneliness without nvalidating then | quoi positivity | "You just haven't found the right person yet" is fine but "gay men haven't found the right woman yet" isn't? | The history of the ace community | What is demi? | "Queria ser assexual para não sentir estímulos" | 10 factos sobre assexuais | Acephobia is real | Ace-discourse hurts the most because it's not perpetuated by outsiders | Is asexuality part of the LGBT community? | Assexualidade não tem a ver com prazer | Getting real about asexuality | Não é preciso transar para descobrir | Porquê que assexuais não namoram apenas outras pessoas ace? | Símbolos ace + a particularidade do anel | Arromânticos | Dicas para alos que namoram aces | Não basta se identificar, é preciso se aceitar | Real things aces went through | Aces talking about their problems isn't saying trans ppl have it easier -.- | Diferenciando os tipos de atração | Semana da visibilidade ace e quatro pressupostos | SAM - split attraction model | My story with asexuality and why representation is needed | People are stupid with asexuals | Tipos de atração romântica | What is aromanticism and what is not | Minha jornada de aceitação | Your partner is asexual - now waht? | You can have sex without feeling attractiongender identities among ace people | Sexual fantasies of aces | Asexuality and the health professional | Pode a assexualidade ser feminista? | Why being asexual doesn't mean i'm broken | Finding out I was asexual after unlearning myths about female black sexuality |
» homossexualidade + problemáticas do yaoi - Evana Lynch, de Harry Potter, bane homofóbicos do seu tumblr | Gay is ok | A fabulosa geração de gays que nasceu para ser tudo o que ninguém quer | As 28 faces das fujoshis | 3  pessoas contaram que são gays: resultado? | Children raised by lesbians | Stupid judgement | Gay jokes | So lesbians are provocative? | Romantic relationships between two women are not taken seriously | Why is not ok showing two women? | The 100 needs this ship | The first gay pride was a riot | For parents | Female homosexual behaviour is sexualized | Ursula Halligan coming out | Lesbian couples are not taken seriously | Queer in the military | Compulsery heterosexuality | Na Rússia, a homossexualidade é totalmente hostilizada | O castigo do "corpo gay" | Flirting with women, for women | 10 curiosidades sobre a homossexualidade | Homossexualidade na antiguidade | Token gay friend | It's normal if you're lesbian | Lesbians take more time than gays to discover they are homosexual | Why "gold star lesbian" needs to die | Stonewalls history | The lesbians who walked through fire | Gaycation Japan | How to left non-friendly churchesHá lésbicas trans sim | Gay sex in porn and real life | "Gayness is mysoginist" wtf? | The problematics of the term gold-star | 25 types of gays | Um não tão breve relato de quem ainda está se escondendo | O que é heterossexualidade compulsória | Why we shouldn't use gold-star lesbian and platinnum gay | asexuality only is considered pure when it's actually controlled alosexuality | Advice to accept aros when you were abused by one | Gays reforçando a cultura do estupro | Mais preconceito na comunidade gay | A ironia de ser lésbica | You don't need to be gold-star to be lesbian | Coisas que lésbicas estão cansadas de ouvir dos gays | I'm gay - but i wasn't born this way | A identidade lésbica | 4 ridiculous questions people asked when my 11-y-old son came out as gay | Sexo lésbico: como proteger de STDs |
» bi + poly + pan - Espectro multiHow biphobia hurts bisexuals mental health | 9 lies people tell you when you come out as bisexual | Bisexual stereotypes |  Here to the pan kids | Bi erasure in polyamorous relationships | Broadest definition of bisexual | Bi is not half gay and half straight | Why you are bisexual | Representation matters | Bisexuality stereotypes in women and men | Bi ppl in history | The evolution of labels | Fluid youth awareness month | Bi Chris-myths | Girl crushes | Bi governor | Bisexuality in a broad concept | A friendly reminder | Bi erasure and better allies | What contributes to bi erasureToxic messages | Monosexism | Don't feel queer enough | Maintaining queer identity in a relationship people read as straight | MonossexismoA bifobia no "bifobia não existe"Biphobia is a destructive force in our community | Bisexual index - what is biphobia20 ideias erradas sobre os bissexuais | Monosexual privilege and gay biphobia | Don't let yourself be invalidated | The problem with avoiding labels | Why do most bisexuals end in "straight" relationships? | The lack of support is literally killing usTell your story | Embrace your complexities before asking that from the others | "Messy bisexuals" | Intra lgbt exclusion | Inappropriate comments bi people are tired of hearing | Sexualizing bi women | Refusing labels prevents us of working together | The bisexual pride flag | Struggles of a bisexual in a "perceived heterosexual" relationship | Pansexuality 100 and biphobia | Two faces of bisexuals in OKcupid | You may think this sounds supportive but... | Aesthetics about bi stigma 2 3 | The dumbest stereotyphes | Bisexuals face unique challenges | Myths and facts | Why can't we all get along | Take your time to google | My invisible girlfriend | Attending your first bi encounter | Quiz | We're here, we're queer | Awareness | Amber Heard and biphobia in the media: 1 2 | Misconceptions that need to stop | Why coming out is better than passing as straight | The science of bisexuality | Biphobia and the pulse massacre | Can't sleep | Things polysexual people know to be true | How being in the closet affected my mental health | Myths about dating bisexual men | My monogamous marriage | If you're going to mislabel my bisexuality just don't call me straight | Bierasure is a public health issue | Is everyone bisexual? | Why bisexual folks should take their different gender partner to pride | Are bi people more promiscuous | Então não existe bifobia?... | People who came out as bi: 1 2 3 4 | Quando tentam transformar uma pessoa bi... | Reminders for bisexual woman | Biphobic things said by gay folks | Most adults are bisexual | Bi history | Bi folks compared to gay/lesbian folks | Different expectations to men and women | Being a married bi couple | October is not the 8th month | Biphobic bingo | The real definition | Both worlds are closets | [see "recycled biphobia thrown at aces" in: the ace tag] | A same-sex couple is not necessarily an homosexual couple | More stereotypes... by close friends | The bi obstacle course | Can a str8 girl turn bi when she's drunk? | "Why do you need labels?" [comic] | Do you know why bi ppl need more rep? | Don't say this to bisexuals | Bi visibility week day | Never be ashamed | Explaining "two or more" | Don't forget it exists | Reasons ppl identify as bi | Is it okay to call myself gay when I'm bisexual? | Bisexual is inclusive of non-binary ppl | Bi problems | Bi/poly/pan overlap | We accept you as long as you act like us | Blue and red form purple | Biphobes blaming bi ppl | It's not legitimate to ask if we exist? | 11 situations that make bi+ ppl role eyes | Coming out is more difficult for bi ppl | Coming out is not about outing our sex lives | Coming out as bisexual is perpetually exausting | Bisexuality and binaries revised | Why saying bisexual is more important than ever | The bi dilemma: loss of gay/lesbian privilege | A call to action | Very important concepts | Heightned risks of health issues | Google doodles | When you are against discrimination but forget the B | The overlap between bi and pan | "Biphobia is a lie, only homophobia is real" | Biphobia and aphobia aren't misdirected homophobia | Biphobic and aphobic discourseSupport bi ppl who are... | Explaining bi ppl who are not attracted to men | Don't put bi under the pan nor pan under the bi | Not every bi person is attracted to their own gender | Be unapologetically bi | What does bi erasure look like | Bi activists are sick or hearing 2 | Bi community means... | There are not bad bisexuals | A disney star comes out as bi and ppl react with "who cares?" | What you call straight privilege is actually the closet | Ways gay/lesbian ppl benefit from monosexism | Support ALL multisexuals | Bisexual means two genders the same way bismuth means two colors -.- | Black bisexual experience | Evan Rachel has a message to bi ppl | Inspiring things about bisexual Frida Kahlo | Brenda, "the mother of pride", was bisexual | Interview with Alan Cumming | Aubrey Plaza coming out as bi | Things only bisexuals understand | Are bisexuals out of the lgbt+ club? | Bella Thorne is victim of rumors just for being bi | We're only good to fetichize, not recognize | When cis pan ppl want to abolish the label bi | Foi bifobia quando | Is my friend still bi? | Things bisexual ppl want you to know | I'm not a biphobeTM | Porque o termo bifobia incomoda? | (in)visibilidade bissexual | Biphobia in the pansexual community | Freddie Mercury é o mais famoso artista gay quando ele próprio se identificava como bi | The bisexual warriors of the gay movement | Being out doesn't make a difference only to the person, but to those who aren't | If i lived in other cultures, would i have pursued my same-sex attraction? [comic] | A message to bi-deniers | "The feels" centers around a bi men | Why many bi girls are not dating women | Como a sociedade está matando os bissexuais sem precisar usar lâmpadas | Fighting bi erasure | More millenials embracing bisexuality | Dating when the world is divided between gay and straight | What does being bi look like in an average day? | Ways to fight biphobia | The falacy of bisexual heteroprivilege | The first ever bisexual pride parade to be held in tel aviv | Why you should give a shit about bi visibility day | What does bi-erasure look like | 34 times tumblr taught about bisexuality | "It doesnt matter" that bi organizations get little funding | Dating and biphobia | Se fosse a mina bi a trair, não desculpavam tão facilmente | Porque é tão difícil entender a bissexualidade? | Vamos ver se aprendem a mal o que é bifobia | Isto é que seria lesbofobia, não considerar que a pessoa possa ser bi | Panfobia | Monosexual privilege checklist | Being mga doesn't mean we'll get in abusive relationships, it's you who are being abusive | How queerness erased bisexuality | Bi people not being gay enough, aff | Num livro, bifobia da mais ridícula | 17 ways for lgbt+ organizations be bi-inclusive | Decades of being out - and why it takes continuos effort | Identifying as bi can be a way to validate nb partners | Why do many young ppl say they are bi? | Things to know before date bi men | Celebs harming the bi community | I've been straight all my life and accepted a date with a guy | How I maintain visibility as a bi femme | Coming out as a bi runner | Ways to (re)come out as bi | Coming out as bi to women | So yeah, my bisexuality is a privilege | Bi men make better lovers | When sexual fluidity is turned against us | There's a bisexual wage gap, too | Amber Heard had her bisexuality used as an excuse for domestic violence | Bi teens at higher risk of depressionPassabilidade hétero não é privilégio | Why bisexuals in rural areas have more depression? | Why "i don't need labels" perpetuates erasure | Celesbians and the myth of the confused bi | How to deal with gay men reactions when you come out as bi | My sexuality is not just about sex | Relacionamento não anula a bissexualidade | The silver lining of dating when bi | Actibistas, todos os mitos, definições e contemplações disruptivas do termo bissexual | My corpse will not be your movement foundation | Why passing as straight is not a privilege | Saúde mental de pessoas plurisexuais | Lies I told myself as a closeted bisexualBisexual Invisibility: The LGBT Community’s Dirty Little SecretBisexual man writes heartwarming letter to his ‘understanding’ straight girlfriend | Why "everyone is a bit bi" is hurtful [comic] | The problem with "everyone is a little bit bi"Bisexual Rap by Kevin | The first guy I dated... | 5 gift ideas for your bi bestie | 10 events for bis | Coming out as bi to my husband made as stronger | Lewis Oakley: "I'm a bi guy living in a gay world" | Biphobia exists as discrimination and prejudice, but not as oppression | No, my partner isn't bothered by my bisexuality | The community is diverse and no stereotype could contain us | "Biphobia isn't real" | Why I say i'm bisexual [poem +-] | Things I dont want to hear in a first date | How to accept your bisexuality | Bisexuality in a gender non-binary world | Bi VS Pan [couple who swapped identities] | Bisexuality and Beyond |

Pessoas de cor (negros, latinos...), tradições, diversidade física e cultural, xenofobia:
» whiteprivilege + racism + color blindness: White privilege in a comic + www | Frustration | It's racist to say... | Whitsplaining | White tears | Black asians | O dia em que descobriram que Beyoncée é negra | Fantasias de carnaval e racismo | Non-racist flirting | I recognize I'm a shitty white person | Any race can be racist to any other race | Racist jokes | Unintentionally racist | Racial microagressions | Why a conversation on race is a horrible goal, and mundane | Why white people struggle to recognize racism | UNDERSTANDING OF PREJUDICE and racism | White europeans... | It's how you fucking sound | Arguments to explain white privilege and systemic racism | Questions anti-racist orgs should be able to answer | Assumptions keeping black grils of taking mental health care | Refusing to see color is racist | Do like this white boss and offer help | Why to avoid the word ethnic | The racist origins of colorblindness | Actions for white educators | "People of color" isn't always the best choice of words | Falar sobre racismo mexe com o ego das pessoas brancas | Tips on how to talk about racism | Types of racists that are more dangerous than the typical image | Asian-black solidarity against police violence [comic] | Hatred of racism suports it | 7 ways black ppl still aren't free in america | Zulaika foi obrigada a trocar de escola por causa do penteado | Racismo não é inveja | What is latinx | Se for pego com drogas, branco é usuário, negro é traficante | Ser contra a escravidão não torna ninguém não-racista | Stop mocking "safe-spaces" | Ways white liberals perpetuate racism | Words don't change whitsupremacy | Columbus day | Whiteprivilege checklist | A gente os liberta e agora querem tudo de mão beijada | Saying that asians are smart isn't positive discriminationthe strategy after abolishing slavery | White supremacists developed racist code names | Racismo é opressão estrutural | Feelings after racist tragedies | Why white women terrify me | More punishment for the same criteria | Chega de fingir que é normal | Negro ou preto? | Buscam desqualificar o dia da consciência negra | Legitimidade do discurso e adoecimento da militância | Latinx white privilege? | Suicide among native youth | Do white-passing people of color have privilege? | Turistas podem ser escravocratas por um dia em fazendo "sem racismo" | Latino vs Chicano vs Hispanic | Afrodescentes enviam carta aberta | Portugal não segue as recomendações da ONU sobre racismo | Retrato da desigualdade racial em Portugal | Former whitesupremacist and how he had a change of heart | How to build a truly anti-racist org | Stop saying this to mixed race people | what my white husband needs to know about our black baby | "Tá no ar" desenhou o que é privilégio branco |
» muslims and the hijab: Do all muslim wear the hijab? | Justice for muslims | Lies we have to stop telling about muslim women | Black muslim girl magic | If muslims have to take responsability for their entire community, so do white people | Hijab | 13 and wearing a Hijab | Mulheres muçulmanas não usavam burqa | Being black and muslim in the US |
» police violence + #BlackLivesMatter: Ways for South asians to talk about BlackLivesMatter | #AllLivesMatter nega o racismo | Black activists explain the problem with "AllLivesMatter" to Trump supporters | Amanda with "BlackLivesMatter" | The double standard of police brutality | How to support black people after police incidents | Scandal reveals what's wrong with Trump and the "AllLivesMatter" | Answering questions about 'black lives matter' | Myths about the black lives matter | Ways to reduce police violence | Gabby Bowie standing for her rights | A guerra das drogas é racismo institucional | Myths that blame poc for crime rates | polícia aborda excessivamente pessoas negras, sem razão |
» whitewashing + representation: Representatividade só não é importante para quem é sempre representado | The beauty industry tells you beauty is being white | Barbie abraça a diversidade | Diversity in media | Poc in animation | Brown representation | Why representation matters | Diversity problem in games | Viola Davis speech | Fantasy races to avoid racial questions | More poc | Why representation matters | Black cinderela | Black Harry Potter characters | POC characters to children | Represenation matters | A poster of an African person | Lighten up | Photoshop to make people look skinnier in magazines | Holywood não escala atores asiáticos | O quê que os japoneses acharam do whitewashing? | Negros e rastafari no undo da moda | Black people in renaissance europe | Barbie bollywood | Traditional wedding all over the world | You don't get it? Every show is whitewashed | Asia is more diverse than you think | Three generations show why POC rep is important | John Cho "his Asian puppet" | 2015 BlackExcellence | It's called copula deletion | Racism in the Dragon Age fandom | Asian Amaricans aren't basically white | Asian Americans in Hollywood | Major problems with beauty standards | Love for Leslie | Why Leshia Evans is being called a hero | Being latinx in comics | Black heroes matter | Não há nada ok no silenciamento de atores japoneses | The industry tells being beautiful means being white | Comparar diferenças estaduais a etno-raciais | Não faça blackface em cosplays | Como é difícil mulheres negras aprenderem a amar-se | Você ainda estereotipa homem negro? | Apparel for dancers of color [ballet] | OITNB ou White lives matter | IMPORTANTE: all the problems with race in games | O significado político de uma boneca negra | JKRowling anti-native magic | Affirming black beauty isn't putting whiteness down | O meu cabelo é constantemente questionado e o dele não | Primeiro pai natal negro do maior shopping dos EUA | O texto que você não quer ler | A to-do list for white fandom |
» cultural appropriation and myths: Culturally appropriated south asian accessories | Victorian women of color | Refugee crisis | Hypermasculinity for muslims | Being latina | POC history | Karmy para pensar o que é apropriação cultural | What's wrong with cultural appropriation? | "Honoring" other cultures | It isn't just about what you CAN'T do | Questions to avoid cultural appropriattion | POC can practice cultural appopriation | Why I care about it | Cinco de Mayo | Not everything is cultural appropriation | Budhism | You can still appreciate a cultura if you put you effort on it | How appropriation becomes trendy and the risk of consumerism | Como se manifesta a apropriação cultural | What's wrong with cultural appropriation | Appropriation or Appreciation? | Cultural appropriated outfits | Dealing with a friend with a indian costume | General approach to CA | Cultural appropriation of beautyAmandla Stenberg: don't cash crop on my cornrowsTurbantes, apropriação cultural e a desculpa perfeita para ser racistaNa polémica sobre turbantes, é a branquitude que não quer assumir o seu racismoMá que diabos é a apropriação culturalApropriação cultural é um problema do sistema, não de indivíduosResistência, política e elegância: o empoderamento através do turbanteSe ela falasse "vou usar turbante sim" em vez de "vai ter mulher branca de turbante sim", essa postagem não existiriaWe are all Trini | The complex concept of cultural appropriation | Essa tal de apropriação cultural + critérios | 8 times black hairstyles were culturally appropriated | History of African American hair braiding | We're a culture, not a costume - campanha da universidade de Ohio | Cultural appropriation of the burqa in the fashion runaway | 5 reasons Katy Perry is pop music's worst cultural appropriator | Beleza tem cor | Repúdio à festa caboclas |
» volunteering: The problem with volunteering | Why aid fails | "Responsible" consumerism and white guilt | Barbie para criticar o voluntariado superficialCampus activism myths | You are not saving Africa | Volunteering won't fix the world |
» Xenophobia: Things undocumented immigrants worry about | The West shrugs off massacres in  predominantly Muslim countriesStopIslamophobia | What to do when you witness Islamophobia | #after11september ppl blamed muslims | Xenofobia na frase "no Japão não fazem sexo"Qual a confusão com a guerra da Síria | Jewish implore to US to not make the same mistake as in the holocaustXenophobia | "Illegals" is not a noun | To stop islamophobia, educate about history, not about religion | Como Canadá recebe os refugiados | Everyone deserves to have their name pronounced correctlyNão é sobre a burqa, é sobre a coerção | Falar de etnias ainda é tabu | Goodbyes in Aleppo | afghanistan at war for 1000 years |
» Palestina e Israel: Supporting palestine is not anti-semitic |

Pessoas gordas: Cadê os gordos? | Your concern for fat people is bullshit | Yoga is for everyBODY | Apelo à comunidade médica | Body-positivity vs neutrality | Garotas gordas assistindo DUFF | Tips to thing people who want to fight against fatphobia | Fat people are perfectly healthy | Positive body image | Wear what you want | A good fatty | Good fatty archetypes | 12 good fatty archetypesChanging dresses | Being a thin ally | Things we are NOT saying when we say "thin privilege" | Fatphobia marketing to you | How to face the loss of weight | DNCE video is fucking important | Slut shaming | Fat ppl included in reproductive justice | I need you to say the word fat | Thin privilege is real | Respeccting your fat friends when discussing your fitness regimen | Gordofobia nas olimpíadas | Bailarina plus-size mostra que todos os corpos  servem | Though love and fat friends | Piadinhas/ofensas normalizadas | What they have to hear everyday | IMC não é indicador de gordura | BMI is bullshit | Gordofobia É opressão estrutural | The problem with "love your body" | How eating disorders are implemented | What is body positivity and what is not | Pressão extrema em modelos | Como é ser a pessoa gorda ao seu lado | How the fashion industry erases fat women | Everything you know about weight loss is a lie | Marca good vibes sendo gordofóbica | Ways to raise a fat positive person | Não tens de gostar, mas tens de respeitar | Youtubers brasileiras combatendo a gordofobia | This fitness guru shows how misleading instagram can be | What we're really telling fat people |

Feminismo + relacionamentos:
» Definições e mensagens feministas: "We don't want men to lower themselves" | Women against feminism | Feminist and anti-feminist messages to children | It's the feminine traits that society needs to accept | Feminism is not needed just in third world countries | Advices to young girls | Feminism is being exploited wrongly | Feminism for choices | Pro-science anti-feminist | 32 types of anti-feminists | É fácil reclamar do feminismo | O que toda a gente devia saber sobre o feminismo | Você sabe o que é feminismo? | A saber sobre o feminismo | Bolos com estatística | When they ask why am a feminist | A response to "Not all men"Believing is radical | Men are feminists or pro-feminists? | Os homens têm um papel no feminismo |  Beware these types of male 'feminists' | A man recognizing his male-privilege | Você não precisa do feminismo? | Real feminism doesn't dictate what to do, let alone do the same things patriarchy teaches | 24 expressões que toda feminista reconhece | O feminismo não quer mandar em nada | How feminism changed my life | What are you doing when you dismiss feminism | Feminista não, essa palavra é muito forte! | What a feminist should look for on a first date | Is feminism just for women? | Suffragettes used martial art | 18 histórias de feminismo tão ridículas que chegam a ser cómicas | They call liberal feminist to anyone they don't like when liberal feminist is an actual thing | Looking like a feminist, wtf? | Feminist tips for hook-ups | Quando o feminismo se torna umbiguismo | Eu sou só uma mulher | Showing (emma watson's) boobs doesn't make anyone a bad feminist | Our "sons" need feminism too | MRA points and what they do wrong | Types of misogynistic people we need to know about | Performance de genero levando a masculinidade tóxica | Piadas são a base do feminicídio | Frases que homens cis devem parar de dizer às mulheres cis | Não tenho paciência para feminista namastê | 17 medos dos homens que chamam feminismo de "mimimi" | I need feminism because... | Men's issues should not be used to silence women's issues |
» Abuso: [estupro, "catcalls", romantização, bdsm não-consensual, relações tóxicas e consentimento]: Romanticizing abusive traits | Street harassment | Sincere compliments | Rape culture as a metaphour | Rape culture expressions | Sua cantada me dá nojo | 7 lies "nice guys" tell you | Responding to dick pics | About rape | Rape culture | Valorizar mulher é mais do que "eu te amo" | A sua boca diz não, mas o seu corpo diz sim | Complimenting a woman | The only thigs that matters in sex is that is consentual | Fifty shades of Grey portrays BDSM wrongly | Toxic partners | Loving regardless | Emotional abuse | Consent as tea + video | Things public sex education failed to tell you | 3 kinds of attraction | Friend zone and unrequited love | A post about romantic relationships | Love has no... | Talking about sex to kids | What men should have learned about (cisgender) sex | Being mini-orgasmic | Connect to your body | Non-consentual sex | Don't teach your daughter abuse is a sign of love | Asking for consent just ruins the moment for those who doen't have imagination | What the "sex positive moment" should be about | The problem with "love yourself first" | Over 50 and dating | Intimate partner violence | Ways to teach your children consent | Dating is always political | Women should express themselves in relationships | Inclusive sex positive | 7 ways relationships change over time | How society treats consent [comic] | Consent: debunking the grey area myth | Non-traditional rape narratives are important | This is how you should be approaching a woman in the street | Things survivors need | Alcohol and consent | Lies about survivors | Why smiling to men in the street | Teach men to stop murdering us | False rape accusations | Male idea of opression | It's the rapist who loses his honor | Abuse is never justifiableLove is about appreciation [quote] | #NoWomanEver | You don't owe details about your abuse | You can recover and develop resilence, yes | Being abused made you so kind/mean! | How to NOT respond to intimate partner violence | Navigating consent: trouble setting boundaries | Abusive behaviour | Things we're not saying when we say "rape culture" | Should I report my rape? | In a healthy relationship, your partner hears you | It's okay not to be ready [comic] | Why is victim blaming ridiculous | The feminist hookup culture | If you are anti dark-fic, you are anti-survivors | Consentimento de uma perspetiva ace | Sexo positividade: sexo (ou não-sexo) só é errado sem consentimento | Cis men understand rape if you use this metaphour | Consent: what is and what is not? | About rejections and dating | Fear of sharks is seen as rational and caution of men is seen as irrational | 25 examples of rape culture | The girl who never gets catcalled | TW: estupro masculino | Oxford giving conscient workshops about consent - and why idiots don't see the point | Men can be victims of domestic abuse | Women responde to Trump tapes | A medida de táxi formaliza o assédio | Trump sexual assault video | Medical exams can't always prove rape | A nudez só é 'legal' quando a pessoa não consente | Quanto mais fragilizada a mulher, mais agrada | The problematic dyamic in some relationships | Relacionamentos abusivos | Unethical pelvic exams | A man assaults a woman and the resulting photo becomes a national symbol for romance |  Johny Deep abuses women and continues to have a successful carrier + analysis + analysis2 | The first male rape clinic | Viola Davis e o abuso da irmã | If i'm wearing a shirt that says "kill me", would you justifie your crime? | O perigo de não acreditar na vítima | #MasEleNuncaMeBateu | women expressing sexuality is not an invitation |
» Objetificação e ideais físicos impostos + Sex workers e a indústria do sexo: Mudando a indústriaRespect prostitutes | Respect pole dancing | You should be inclusive of the "sluts" | Being a sex symbol | "Normal girls" | I was raped, here's why I didn't fight backAmiga, algum dia você vai ser puta | Policing women clothing | Sexy ads | Being attractive is not a prerequisite for men | Body types in comics | "You're not a girl" | Topless men and women | Objetification | Wearing bras | Real bodies | Problems with women clothing | Taking off shirts | She learns her place as a receptacle | Sports magazine | Woman photoshoped into comic book poses | Aquela mulher tem um corpo masculino wtf | Natural beauty, hum? | How we obliterate female sexual desire | I'm not getting surgery to correct my breasts deformity | Why I've broadened my definition of sex | Kids don't care about beauty stereotypes | Why women shop in the men's section"vai ter shortinho, sim" | Make-up isn't inherently anti-feminist | How to de-objectify women in comics (art guide) | Olhar masculino VS olhar feminino | Intervenção social em zonas de prostituição só reforça a violência | Prostitutas prejudicadas pelo feminismo branco | Wearing a bra is a choice | Sex-positivity | Uma criança entenderia que é uma mãe a alimentar o filho | Fanfic doesn't come from privilege | Being sex-positive is different from being pro-sex | Slut shaming KIDS???? | #nomakeup | Is it sex-positive or inappropriate? | the #TryGuys get photoshooted like women | Shave or don't shave | Why women's clothing size make no sense |
» Estereótipos e papéis de género: 48 things men hear through their lifetime | Things women hear through their lifetime | The trope of the crazy girlfriend |  "idk" | Crazy bitches | Boys are weak | Pathetic boys | "Bitch" | Don't move first | Men and women communicate in different ways | Stay at home moms are just as valid |  Papel da mulher na sociedade | A fabulosa geração de mulheres que nasceu para ser tudo o que o homem não quer | When toxic masculinity fails men | Toxic masculinity and mental health | Alterando músicas machistas | Does female privilege exist | "Boys will be boys" is harmful | How would be the workplace if men were treated like women | A world without gender | Celebridades dizendo verdades | Homens não choram | Internalized misogyny  2+160 examples of male privilegeMen cleaning | Not all, but too many men | Taking HER name | Kesha just does the same as men do singing | "Having it all" kinda sucks | Why are emotions gendered? | I let him pay for dinner - am I a bad feminist? | Masculinidade com M de medo | Mães são julgadas com muita facilidade | Stop telling people they are in love | "Normal women" are considered ugly | #MasculinitySoFragile | Se comporte como companheiro, não como hóspede | Men unconfortable with their sexuality | Non-threatening ways women can say things *irony* | Você não é obrigade a seguir padrões... nem a quebrá-los | Fucks you stop giving when you're a grown women | Como (pressupostos) meninas e meninos são criados | Um número muito alto de mulheres desconhece o próprio corpo | A feminism not centered around beauty | Escolas australianas terão aulas de desconstrução de estereótipos de géneroWays therapists fail women | "Boys will be boys" should be offensive | Internalized misoginy | Não é só a mão que bate, mas quem a educou | Check your male privilege in gender neutral bathrooms | Já falou para o seu menino hoje? | Ways to create a femme-friendly environmentThe Disturbing Science Behind Subconscious Gender Bias | Como Portugal piorou nas questões de género | Queer men taught me to resist toxic masculinity | Sweet/Vicious: Mulheres aprendem a não reagir violentamente a homens | Não se trata de ser mais ou menos subversivo | Sexist things people get away with at work | Flipping sexism in Hollywood |
» Recebem menos e pagam mais: Paying less money | Pink tax 2 | Prison sentence | Nick Minaj | No Brasil... |
» Menstruação, aborto, (in)fertilidade, e métodos-contraceptivos: Novels where female characters have menstrual cycles | A reporter claims to know nothing about periods | Pool of blood | Furiosa in Tampoons commercials | Ignorant men | Tampons | If men could menstruate | Vagina-owners feelings | The tampon of the future | How infertility really feels | Men should care about abortion rights | O duro trabalho das mães | Reproductive freedom | About abortion | What's wrong with women's health | Michigan explains tampoons tax | Lies we need to stop telling girls about sex | "Nenhum sangue deveria nos parar" | Mulheres que abortam no brasil | É pró-vida que fala... | Getting sexually active for the first time | A mulher que procura aborto está longe de ser a vagabunda | Protesto que impediu polónia de proibir totalmente o aborto | O que se deveria saber sobre o aborto | Prevenir contra o cancro da mama | Porque a campanha outubro rosa é questionada e risco da mamografia | Contra o feminicídio, mulheres tomaram a argentina | The truth about late-term abortions | Trans-inclusive language for menstruators | Mulheres artistas falam sobre aborto | Contracetivo masculino adiado por causar riscos nos homens, mesmo assim menores que os riscos nas mulheres + adiado por ter efeitos iguais ao feminino | "Breast is best" can hurt new parents | Birth control isn't just to women or people with uteruses | Lutar contra a maternidade compulsória não deve ser atacar quem QUER ser mãe | Supposedly empowering concepts about  periods | Tips for breastfeeding | Being an abortion clinic escort | Porquê suportar o aborto não é ser contra a vida? + razões para suportar | Como o mundo encara o aborto | Mulher não é útero a serviço da sociedade | "Aborto masculino" devia ser uma questão trans, não abandono por pais cis | Ohio bane aborto após 6 semanas | Abortion denied because the fetus might feel pain, yet circuncision is performed without anesthesia because infants don't (?) | Violência obstétrica | Mitos sobre aborto | Só homem cis não pode opinar sobre aborto | Fake pregnancy as a social experience from 17-y-old girl | Getting rid of periods is safe | Texas: Doctors can refuse patients who had abortions | Tampons and pads should be free | I'm a priest, this is why I am pro-choice |
» Feitos das mulheres: These women changed physis | Controlling women in history | Gamer girls | Rey e o despertar da força | Women who changed science | Badass women you probably didn't hear about | High heels | Feminist tumblrs | Como é que as japonesas se conseguiram consolidar apesar do machismo local? | 10 razões para autores homens terem mais sucesso que as mulheres | "Amplification" | 17 historical women who gave no fucks |
» Representatividade: Bechdel rule | Sindrome Trinity | Síndrome de estocolmo | Girls in posters with less presence | Strong characters | Star wars doesn't need female armors | Breaking stereotypes | Badass women in OITNB | Feminism in madmax | Qual o maior problema dos filmes da disney? | 56-years-old model | Elle Woods | Gender equality in Sparta | Why I need feminism | O homem formiga e a noção radical de que mulheres não são pessoas | Um tipo de mulher badass que eu não conhecia | Mothers and fathers in moviesMulheres são realistas, homens são idealistas | "Come on Star wars, be original" | Why Rey makes me cry [of hapiness] | Rey is not Mary Sue | Realistic YA | The ghostbuster reboot | Cada vez menos roupas | Ways we fail teenage girls | Ladies to look up in television | Como Obama e Trump falam sobre mulheres | Quasi doesn't save Emeralda to get the girl | Classic movies with the misoginy censured | Bad excuses to not include women in games | The mentality fans have on celebrity relationships | Minors sexualized in media? | Why men hate mary sues | Don't do this | Porque Harley é fácil de relacionar?Cultura do estupro nos mangás | Vocês estão chateados por ninguém as estar a sexualizar? | Pop culture getting consent right | Teenage girls tropes spreading dangerous stereotypes | Men complaining that now we have more female leads | A importância de ícones feministas | AVON com dona dessa beleza | A evolução do papel das princesas disney | Camisolas com dizeres vazios | That time Dragon age (Morrigan) made me a feminist |
» Não-monogamia: Tipos de não-monogamiaAs adults, we are told to love only one person | So you think you're polyamorous | Polyamorous: tips for jealously | Coming out polyamorous | So you want to try polyamory | Abuse in polyamorous relationships | Polyamory Q&A | Telling parents about polyamory | Multiple lovers, without jealously | Tiring comments on polyamory | Sleeping | OT3 prompts | Comments polyamorous are tired of hearing | Polyamory and sleep | Other non-monogamy options | If you support poliamory, clap your hands | The picture of monogamy I was raised to aspire | Why do i want polyamorous representation? | Language matters to ask for a third-part | Signs you're polyamorous and not "bad at relationships" | Why some people are better suited to consensual non-monogamy? |
» Amizade: 6 maneiras de ser um péssimo ombro amigo | Friendship | Casei com uma amiga | Signs of toxic friendship | Apologizing to an ex | Evite pessoas que... | Signs that your friendship might be toxic | When two characters have a magnetic love but aren't even friends | Male friendship |

Ableism: Disabled + autistic + neurodivergent people:
» disabilities, deseases and defiguration: Nobody catcalls disabled women | If there was a cure to your disability, would you take it? | Posing in a wheelchair | Stop calling disabled people inspirational | Menina com rosto desfigurado dá dicas de beleza no youtube | Nintendo shifting the blame to the victims | Amber traduzindo músicas para linguagem gestual | Ableism at work | O Brasil não precisa de photoshop para representar as nossas deficiêcias | Ways my non-disabled friends get it right | Atletas paralímpicos quebram recordes olímpicos | Surda-muda/muda/mudinha não existe | Disability visibility matters | Ser surda: faq | Cadeira de rodas que permite andar de pé | Unpacking high and low functioning | fake service dogs can cause real problems | Sobre ser HIV positivo - dicas de como lidar | Capacitismo - minorias não estão livres dele | ARFID - video from experience + not faced seriously | Diga "pessoa com deficiência" |
» mental disorders and neurodivergence: Social anxiety | Self-care masterpost | Mental illness | Invisible illness | Depression | Anxiety disorders | Hiding confusing emotions | Depression is humiliating | Disabilities differ from illness + inspirational porn | Things tought wrong about authism | Guide to generalized anxiety disorder | Eating disorders and the many "helps" | Stop misjudging this 3 mental illness | Independence day clothing | Stop saying this about anti-depressants | Narcysism | Autism: coming out | A culture of shame | Things you should never say to an autistic person | Dating a depressed person | Tony Stark: ppl with a mental illness are left with empty hands | 15 facts about ppl with concealed anxiety | Non-autistic writers write autistic characters all the time - without knowing | Positive labels | Stereotypes about mental-ill ppl | Deniying borderline | How to deal with generalized anxiety | For neurotypical ppl | "Not feeling anything" is a valid response to trauma | Psicofobia | How to understand an autistic person | Attention deficit disorder | Não desvalide pessoas com depressão por postarem coisas felizes | What is anxiety? [comic] | Chemical imbalance isn't accurate | Auditory processing disorder is a thing | Traits of aspergers in females | Neurodivergence is a disaster in eastern europe | Quando demandam demais de uma pessoa com transtorno por ser funcional | Teenagers and mental health | Como distinguir boas e más organizações da comunidade autista? | Autistic characters as alien ambassors | high functioning depression easy to miss | Sadness VS Depression | Shit people say to autistic people | What is meant by "autistic spectrum" | Depression is a disease of the brain, an organ | Mental illness struggles in university | What it feels like to have body dysmorphia | When you text a friend about "needing to talk", assure them all is okay and possible tell the topic you want to talk about |
» other lessons: Why don't we see deseases like "glasses"Doctors should take young girls seriously | Ableistic languageThings not to say to ppl with crohns desease | This product isn't for you | Your social justice activism might be ableist | A meltdown is a defensive response, not agression | No pause menu doesn't make your game hardcore |
» accessibility + universal design: Color badges for communicationIs zero waste unfair for poor and disabled ppl? | How to make web content accessible | "Be my eyes" app |

Jovens e adultos:
» famílias e adultismo: Que tal desconstruir a ideia de família | A not connected family | Adotpion - don't treat the kids bad | CHILDREN ARE NOT THEIR PARENTS POSSESSIONS | 7 exibições de adultismo perigosas | White parents adopting black children | How do you teach your children wrongly | Don't force yur child to hug everyone | Famílias não tradicionais | The myth of the "bad kid"| Ser criado por uma mãe forte | Don't read your kids texts | Be proud of the child, not the achievementWell I had your problem but worse! | How parents can battle child hypersexualization | How to support your kids first breakup | A message to all parents | Childfree | Sobre dizer que quero adotar | É fácil ser o herói dos filhos quando só são vistos poucas vezes | How to cope if your parents are bullies | Adopting is not just a backup inferior option | people can love you without really loving you | Famunormatividade |
» desmerecendo os jovens e adultismo excessivo: Adults despising teens | Lazy youth? | A geração millenialsThe expert generation | Don't diminish yougster problems | Não ignorem os sinais | Don't invalidate people struggles | School made to deshumanize | Before technology, ppl didn't do more meaningful connections | College students are sensitive or progressive? | Old dudes seeing teens on their phones | Elders think it's disrespectful to don't let them disrespect you | You aren't a failure because you haven't found fame/fortune at 21 | Devo bater nas crianças? [esquema] |
» reconhecimento dos mais velhos: lar em que adolescentes contactam com idosos | Modelo masculino de 80 anos | The only failure is not to try | Irresponsible ways society treats aging |

Poor people: Class privilege | The myth of meritocracy | Poor people are liquid | Será mesmo possível viver sem dinheiro? | Qualidade de vida não é ter coisas, é ter tempo | Uma questão de oportunidades | Meritocracia não funciona | Meritocracia para quem | Ser homem branco hétero é jogar no easy | Ways to respond to panhandling | Qualidade de vida não é ter coisas, é ter tempo | Rico é quem tem tempo | O fenómeno dos trabalhos de merda | Stop treating poor like a bad word | Myths about homelessness 2 | Things rich ppl never think about poverty | Meritocracia? | Às vezes, saber escrever é privilégio | Why middle class intentions do more harm than good | Você acolheria esta criança? | IMPORTANTE: the very very rich could afford to be poor | Why we don't end poverty | Apenas 3 horas "livres" | Analogia para entender a meritocracia | Is zero waste unfair for poor and disabled ppl? |

Religião: Há pessoas más e boas de todas as religiões | Canon Jesus is better than fanon Jesus | Leaving your religion | Intersectionality should include leading with antisemitism | Você sabe é o casamento segundo a bíblia? | Religião não é coisa de gente tona, é coisa de gente - que pode ser tona ou não | Questions atheists find insulting |

» ambiente: Is zero waste unfair for poor and disabled ppl? |
» animais: obtenção de óleo de palma matando orangutangus |

» categoria geral [conjugando os tópicos acima + interseccionalidade]: WE MAKE THE WRONG QUESTIONS!!! (4th paragraph) | THIS IS WHAT RESPECT DEEPLY MEANS | LEARNING THROUGH TUMBLR | PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING | Para pensar nos outros como pessoas | Agora tudo é uma guerra? | Woman of color + feminism | Ainda vai demorar muito para mudar | "Hate breeds more hate" | I have been lied to | Mainstream animal movements are being opressive | Content warnings are important | Teorias que homens japoneses têm sobre as mulheres | Body positive in a comic | Things media should haveAsian woman in danger | Disabled woman sexually assaulted | A mulher que não quis levantar | Sex talk for muslim women | Nada contra, só... | Invisibility and poverty | Unique struggles to queer poc ppl | 2012 Olympics: Black LGBT history | Black womanhood | A lot of stuff is considered poor until middle class white ppl do it | When black trans women get arrested [Gaycation USA]Bayard Rustin was an openly gay Black man who was Martin Luther King’s right hand man | Podemos oprimir e ser oprimidos ao mesmo tempo | Loneliness for bi poc | LGBTQ Muslims + Pride pics | Obama tells African leaders that rejecting gays comes from the same mindset as racism | Queer girls labeled as justice warriors | Youths, POC and "Are you a feminist?" | They are not boxes, but gardens | How religion is part of interseccionality | Racism to "protect" white womanhoodGive me DIVERSE queer representation | Black butch lesbians | Tag to change the future | The problem with privilege explaining | Love experienced by a transgender femme asian person | The importance of being earnest | A note on mansplaining | Se o feminismo radical apoiasse homens trans | Grosseria é diferente de injustiça | Se o mundo tivesse 100 pessoas | Black feminism | Jordan Klepper gets to know Trum supporters | Prince broke all the rules | LGBTQ Disability Day | Transmysoginists are the ones who reinforce gender roles | You don't care about your rights, you just want to shut up minorities | Gymnastics evolution and black girls power | fatphobia in the queer community | Lies tell the US is a melting pot | A flag to the black lgbt+ community | The financial penalty for LGBT+ POC | A objetificação da mulher trans | Why we need gender neutral language to talk about abortion | The term corrective rape | When white feminists responde to anti-racism like sexists responde to feminism | How did bathrooms got separated | É mais fácil para feministas brancas concentrarem-se exclusivamente em questões de género | Quando corpos negros e indígenas são sexualizados, mas você é ace | lgbt+ person of color [images] | Policies pushing black girls out of school | How the weight of poc lives affects their mental health | Comunidade lgbt+ em Maputo | neurodivergente affect gender id + mogai community | Does feminism only help white women? | Being trans with a mental illnessStop teaching girls | How fat intersects with being gay and trans | Não há hierarquia de opressões | The tanzanian wives | You can be happy with no sex (even if you're not asexual) | Why we need white women to level up feminism? | O "good vibes" acaba quando uma mulher negra questiona uma mulher branca | Feminismo, política e a contra-reforma da previdência no brasil | Disabled sexuality | A conquista dos nossos direitos não significa a perda dos seus | From plus-size to disabled women | Stop saying women are half the population | Autism pride texture flags | 5 ways poc can foster mental health | being queer and having a mental disorder | Aborto não diz respeito só a mulheres | Aborto só não diz respeito a homens cisSer uma mulher amarela... | Netta, Toy, e "assassina de palestinianos | Exclusividade género / géneros culturais 1 2 | A collision of bisexuality and disability | An arab trans woman, struggling to find myself in languageConfessions Of A Lesbian Refugee From IranYou Call It Professionalism; I Call It Oppression in a Three-Piece Suit | The barrier of eating responsibly | Navigating whiteness and feminism | Why feminism must be intersectional | 6 microaggressions at college | Black feminism concepts |
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